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Looking to live, invest or study on the Gold Coast? Visit the We Are Gold Coast city hub.

Visit We Are Gold Coast



For the latest Covid-19 information for travellers including health advice, the easing of restrictions and tourism activities you can experience during this time, click here.

For information on tourism business support?including industry updates, relief assistance and resources, click here.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Australia’s Favourite Playground.

Local Love

Find out what to see, where to eat and what to do on the Gold Coast with advice from local experts.


Make school holidays enjoyable for the whole family. Follow this guide for parental bliss AND kiddy heaven.


Think cosy nights in, a morning soundtrack featuring rainforest birds and wistful wanders to sparkling waterfalls.


Night bites, quirky cafes, hatted restaurants, street food, alfresco wine bars and craft beer tap houses –our culinary scene is in fine form.


Dedicated cultural spaces with weekly gigs, galleries, good times, and incredible events throughout the year.


Your guide to all the places to see while on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. From the beaches of Surfers Paradise to the hinterland of Tamborine Mountain.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast is one of Australia's most iconic - not to mention, most celebrated – holiday destinations.


Broadbeach, south of Surfers Paradise is a precinct full of cafes, restaurants, retailers and is a friendly beachfront...

Tamborine Mountain

Some say this is the green behind the gold which makes the Gold Coast so seductive, and it's easy to see why...

Burleigh Heads

Acclaimed for its beachside village vibe, Burleigh Heads is dotted with an array of excellent cafes...

Southern Gold Coast

This southern entertainment hub with restaurants, cafes and bars is surrounded by some of the best surf beaches.

Things to see & do

Looking for things to see and do while on the Gold Coast? You've come to the right place! Browse attractions, tours and restaurants below.


From exhilarating rides and endless waterslides to natural wonderlands & close up wildlife encounters.


No matter where in the world you travel, there's nothing like having a local to show you around.


The Coast is a place where night bites, hatted restaurants, street-eats and breweries are all served with a side of alfresco.


Hotels, apartments, ocean-side accommodation properties with breathtaking views, secluded mountain villas… the Gold Coast has it all.

Trending Now

Take a look at accommodation listings that are trending on our site right now. From secluded mountain villas to ocean-side accommodation, you’ll find it all here.


If it's extra space you're after, one of the Gold Coast's one, two or three bedroom self-contained or serviced apartments will have you covered.


The hotels and resorts of the Gold Coast will earn a special place in your holiday memories, with sweeping views of the ocean and mountains on offer.

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